Who is OB1 and Why Should I Care?

Ordinal Based One's (OB1) is a group of three members and one anon guest artist, each with a different mission. 

Jim, founder of Audionals, wants to fix the broken music industry.

Based, founder of OB1, wants to support artists in the scene who are contributing to the growth of ordinals.

MEW, founder of Planet MEW, wants to spread a message of love and influence culture. 

While our missions may differ, our ultimate vision remains the same - we want to change the world for the better.

Ordinal Based 1's is an ordinal project that combines PFP art with an on-chain beat lab. Audionals has created a recursive music library that provides an affordable way for musicians to bring their music onto bitcoin. This will distribute profits and rights back to the artists. OB1 also incorporates fashion with exclusive drops and collections. 

For more information, follow us on x/twitter where we frequently host spaces with artists in the scene. Our spaces is also uploaded onto the Planet MEW podcast.